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Besides describing a movement in design, fashion, architecture, art and music minimalism describes a lifestyle where people choose to live a life with owning only the items that they really need or that add true value to their lives.

The intention is to clear our homes and minds from clutter. Having less gives us the opportunity to focus more on the things that really matter like relationships and doing the things we love. Items can occupy our minds since they constantly have to be organized, maintained and sometimes transported.

Minimalism is not meant as a restriction. Depending on their lives some people still need a lot of items while other need less then 100 items. Although it is never about the exact number of things it can be helpful to make a list of items and count them. I haven’t counted my items yet but I would estimate I have about 500 items in my home (I know I have around 60 peaces of clothing). However, I only got started with minimalism.

Minimalism isn’t something that can be learned over night. It is like all aspects of live a journey that is never complete, finished or perfect. Our needs change and so do our possessions.