For 2 portions you will need:

4 Ripe (dotted) Bananas
300 g of Frozen Unsweetened Raspberries
3 tbsp of Almond Butter
50 mL of Water
Decoration (I used banana, amaranth pops and chia seeds)

Blend everything (except decoration) in a food processor.
Pour into a bowl.

I love to have this for breakfast but you can have it as a snack or meal at any other time during the day.

Note: Bananas are ripe when they have dark dots and when the stalk is dry. Only use ripe bananas since they are healthier and to my taste much more delicious. Using unripe bananas in such quantities can cause digestion issues.

(I know this is a huge pot of almond butter and is was ridiculously expensive – even with discount – but I use it a lot, so it pays off)

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