My hay fever started in puberty. It was so bad that I had to wipe my nose constantly using up about 10 tissues per hour! So I literally didn’t have my hands free to do anything other than wiping my nose. I used a ton of medication that helped a little but made me feel dizzy and unable to do anything but sleeping and laying around. As a consequence I started hating spring and summer and viewed pollen and nature as my enemies. It was when I changed this perception of nature when I healed my hay fever naturally. You can imagine that healing my hay fever changed my life in such a great way. Now I can go outside and enjoy myself in nature. I even started outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing. So here is how I came to this point:

1. DIET. I think diet is the most important aspect. I changed my diet from conventional meat eating to whole foods plant-based. This means I not only stopped eating animal products but I also stopped eating processed food. However, last year, when I got rid of my hay fever, I sometimes still consumed sugar and oils. So it wasn’t completely whole foods at the time. I usually had a (wild*) green smoothie for breakfast, a huge salad for lunch, vegan cookies as snacks and potatoes or grains with veggies and lots of herbs for dinner. Now I have a (wild*) green smoothie for breakfast, oats with fruit for lunch, fruit and rice crackers as snacks and potatoes or grains along with a salad for dinner. Very simple though.

2. WATER. I started drinking more water. Now I drink 3 to 5 liters of still water every day.

3. STINGING NETTLE. In spring I drink about a cup of stinging nettle tea every other morning or at least twice a week.

4. EXERCISE. This is not something I changed in order to heal my hay fever since I was quite active also before. However, I can not conceal the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Now I do about 5 hours of exercise per week. I arrange them in an intuitive matter throughout the week. So I let my body decide wether it wants to lift weights, go biking, dance or do yoga. See INTUITIVE EXERCISE.

5. CONTRACEPTIVE PILL. I went off the pill. Many women report positive changes when it comes to allergies and their overall health when getting off the pill. However it can take some time until the body reaches it’s natural hormonal balance again. For me this is still ongoing. It took one year for my period to come back. See HOW I GOT MY PERIOD BACK.

6. SUN and FRESH AIR. Even when I still had hay fever I tried to enjoy sun and fresh air as often as I could.

7. ATTITUDE. I have changed my perception of civilization, mankind and it’s relationship to nature. I started seeing health as something holistic and I started questioning many of my habits and routines, if not all of them. I realized that most of what we do everyday is not healthy for us nor does it make us happy. We are made to live outside, eat natural food and move our bodies. I stopped seeing pollen as the enemy and instead started helping my body to heal. I have to admit that at the time I was not very relaxed. Questioning so many things was a rollercoaster of emotions.

8. NO ALCOHOL. I stopped drinking alcohol. This was one of the best decisions in my life. There really isn’t any reason for me to drink alcohol. I realized that I was only drinking either because everyone was or to make myself relax more. Now I have much more effective methods for relaxation such as self love practices and making time for sleep, resting and meditation.

9.BLACK CUMIN. I only took black cumin last year which was the last year I had hay fever (only at the very beginning of the season). However, this year I do not have hay fever at all and do not take black cumin. But it may have helped me in the beginning. Make sure it is a good quality when you buy it.

10. COSMETICS. I started using less beauty products and changed the ones I still used to vegan and organic. Now I make 90% of my cosmetics myself with only ingredients that I would also eat. Our skin takes up a large portion of what we apply on it.

11. SELF LOVE. You can not expect your body to heal if you have the feeling that you are working against it. For the longest time I had the feeling that my body is weak and I just had bad luck with all my diseases. But here is the truth: Our bodies always work with us, our bodies want to be healthy if you only let them. So listen to your intuition, eat natural plant-based food and treat yourself like a friend. If you want to change your diet for example and not everything works right from the beginning, that’s fine. Just do your best and learn from your experiences. There is no such thing as failure, there is only learning and growing.

12. SLEEP. I make sure I sleep around 8 hours every night. At some nights, depending on my activity level, I need even more – up to 10 hours. I strongly recommend going to bed early and getting up early. This way you can use the morning for being productive. And isn’t the early morning the most beautiful time of the day?

13. MINIMALISM. I started letting go of everything in my my life that wasn’t serving me. This could be items as well as activities or people. However, this is an ongoing and never ending journey. It requires being honest with yourself and the strength of letting go. I realized  that I am not defined by my belongings or by who I am hanging out with. It’s sounds so cliché but happiness really only comes from within.

14. ORGANIC. I started buying only organic food (and cleaning agents). Also I try to grow as much food as possible on my own or in a community garden. This way I avoid taking up synthetic chemicals that are not good for health such as pesticides.

15. NO MEDICTION. And last but not lead I stopped taking the hay fever medication. I do not take any medication at all. Of course if you have serious health issues you should seek medical advice before you stop taking your medication.

*Wild smoothies are smoothies that contain wild herbs. Most of them can be found in spring and sommer. They are super healthy and free! Also it is such fun to collect them. Before you go wildcrafting I advice you to take a course on it and go through some literature. I also give courses in Zurich, email me if you are interested.

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