How did this idea of veganism grow in my head? When my boyfriend and I where traveling through China I decided to give up meat. It just came to me. I was seeing so much meat and seafood everywhere in China but I didn’t see any farm animals. Giving the high abundance of factories in China I assumed that they must live in some kind of factory farms. Also we had some pretty bad experiences with duck heads. Arriving in Hong Kong we were constantly looking for vegetarian restaurants. We found some pretty cute places that had left a special mark in my heart. I think these places placed the seed for me making healthier choices. I had already given up alcohol before that, but it was then when I started looking into holistic health for the first time. Holistic health means that everything in our bodies is connected. If you were to have a disease it will not be healed by just fighting the symptom but by removing the cause. So I learned that cow milk was found to be connected with acne and I had acne for a long time. So I gave up milk when we were back in Switzerland. Just for fun I cut out eggs as well, so I could call myself vegan. However, I wasn’t vegan, I was on a plant-based diet, since I was still purchasing leather and other non-vegan items. But it was a good start.

Learning more and more about nutrition I tried anything and everything. Detox, fasting, raw, High Carb, RawTill4, 80/10/10, Starch Solution – you name it I tried it. Things went back and forth, I lost weight, gained weight, breakouts came and faded, I lost hair and almost lost my mind not finding the right diet for me. Today my diet doesn’t have a label, it is just tasty, most time healthy, easy to make and of course vegan. Also it exactly fits my needs with regard to how I organize my everyday life. I have learned so much of these experiences. And I will try to share as much as I can to help everyone find the best diet for their personal needs.

What made me go vegan then was educating myself. I was watching videos by famous vegan youtubers from all over the world and found that they repeatedly mentioned Cowspiracy, Earthlings and Gary Yourofsky. So I watched Cowspiracy, Earthlings and Gary Yourofsky’s speaches. I learned that there is no way of being a non-vegan environmentalist and that there is no way practicing compassion by meditation when animals aren’t included in my considerations. I learned that no animal product can be cruelty-free and that there is no such thing as humane killing. I learned that being vegan is a nessecity for our planet and peace on earth. Since I already knew how to eat plant-based going vegan wasn’t a big step on the outside.

Now I am dedicating my life to spreading positivity and veganism. I have never been happier and healthier. And of course I want that for everyone else as well.


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